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Just bought one of these and plugged it into USB port as I don't have one of the docking stations yet. I'd heard it took a while but 24hrs on it's still charging - is this normal? Also, I read that the charge LED will flash when it's charged but what about the 'on' light? It's currently lit but I can't get any response from the player at all - is this normal until the charge is complete?

Words of reassurance would be welcomed.



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Hi mate,
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If it it completely unresponsive, use a pin and press the reset button which is found on the bottom of the unit. It should come back to life then.


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Thanks for the quick response - 24 hours on I still have the charge light showing solid green and the 'on' light on. Even if I unplug the USB cable, the 'on' light stays lit but the machine doesn't respond to anything. I'm hoping that when the charge eventually completes, I will be able to get something out of it. Does that match with your experience?



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I'd stop there.

If the Archos isn't turned on it isn't charging properly, you should never turn off a 605 while it is on charge.

Disconnect it from the USB and hold the power button down for about 30 seconds and see if that has any effect.

Did you try the reset button on the bottom yet? If not then do so.

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