archos 500 video does not show in wmp


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have recorde video from an external bullet cam onto my archos500, it replays fine on the unit screen.

need to download to my computer so can edit on premiere..... can transfer the file through mu usb connection, but when watching it in wmp, it plays the sound, but the visual is replaced with the wmp screen image instead of the recorded visual images....... it says as it is loading that

''finding the codecs failed''

where are these codecs found



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You need a MPEG4 codec for WMP, mine already had then on so all I can suggest is that you do a search on the internet. It might be worth downloading the latest version on WMP as it might come with it. Other option might be to download the latest DivX codec which is a MPEG4 codec. I know the Archos will play video encoded using the DivX but I'm not sure if it works the other way round.


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Thank you FrankS
I tried downloading mpeg4 codecs but this didnt change anything. I already have wmp10 installed and am happy this is recent and stable...... so went for DivX download.
This works.
When I call up the archos video in wmp, it now plays ok, and has a little DivX logo in the bottom corner of the wmp screen.

My next quest is to get the files onto premiere for editing, but think this is another topic so will post in AV camcoders and editing section.
thanks for thoughts.


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...... the files now actually work (show) on premiere! The DivX has resolved all missing ingredients to view and work with archos video files.
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