Archos 5 Freeze problem


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Jan 22, 2007
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Hello peeps

I have had my archos 5 60gb for almost 6 months but recently have started to encounter this problem. When i go on the internet via wifi or watch a movie (the only 2 things i use this device for ) the unit freezes and only a hard reset brings it back to the home screen. While watching a movie the specific time it freezes is when i try forwarding or rewinding a scene, where as on the web its purely random.

I am on firmware 1.6.53

i need help please
also to mention is that when the unit freezes the time glass icon appears
have you set the unit back to factory defaults?
also try doing a low level format with a PC, if this does not resolve it then it could be a hard drive issue
if i do a factory reset do i lose all my movies and data ?

I would imagine i would lose all my data with a HD format too ?
Yes formatting will erase the data I would back up the data on a pc or external hard drive if you don't have a copy of it.
Sometimes after a hard reset the unit starts up to the archos welcome stage then shuts down an within a split second starts up again on the welcome stage this repeats an repeats till i hard reset it again

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