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Archos 5 - a disaster?


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The 5 is my third Archos. The other two - a 504 and a 704 - were great and gave me good service. But I needed more gigs.

So I bought a 5. Here's what's gone wrong so far:

1. When I transferred my movies, all seemed fine. But when you play one, the 5 shuts down whenever it wants! This happens two or three times per attempt to view a film. When it shuts down it remembers the previous pause point not the most recent one. Meaning that you effectively watch the same bits twice. The kids are not happy...
2. I thought this must be a firmware problem so I've tried, using the wireless service, to download the firmware update. I've done this twice now, but when I do so the file will not load because it is a "bad file (error 206)"

On the design of the device, Archos has slipped back in my view by returning to a proprietorial USB connection rather than the standard miniUSB that existed on the previous 705. This is a pain in the rear and means that you can only stand the device upright on charging by using a base station.

Finally, as usual, Archos's customer care is unimpressive. I'm no further forward in resolving my core problem - that I have a video device that won't allow me to watch video.

Can anyone advise if this is a hard/software issue and whether there is a solution to this?

Thanks in advance.


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I would use a computer to update the firmware and make sure you get the firmware that was made for the Archos 5/7. I had experienced similar issues with my Archos 5 and the firmware update resolved this issue for me.

I am now considering moving up to the new Android unit that has been released. It appears Archos has moved to the standard Micro USB port and seems to offer a complete spin on the Archos standard.

Does anyone own one yet? Please post your feedback I am interested in getting one.


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My Archos 5 has been returned to QVC, I would only get 20-30 minutes playback from a FULL charge, running back light at low. If the back light was high went down to 16 minutes.:mad:
QVC refunding, now do I buy the new Archos 5 IT Android version, or get something else?


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Hawk - what firmware are you on? The most stable is apparently the .53, the subsequent .54 was causing a lot of crashing and problems similar to yours - although it sounds like you have had trouble updateing the firmware anyway....the most recent firmware doesn't make a lot of difference by all account so no need to update if nothing is wrong.....problem with the .54 and the latest firmware is that it is not donwgradeable once you have installed it..

Its a shame you are having those problems because, when it works, the A5 is great - I've not had any of those problems with mine and have been enjoying it immensely.

As for 30 minutes on a full charge that seems like a pretty serious problem, so clearly a faulty unit - you only get a few hours anyway, without the battery dock, but 30 minutes is taking the mickey - hope you get it sorted.....

As for the android - pop over the the ARCHOSFANS FORUM (google it!) and there is plenty of info on there about all the archos models


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When I called the support number they answered within 3 or 4 minutes. The rep had me down load the firmware to my desk top and copy and paste the firmware in the main drive of the Archos (from my computer click on E drive) then just paste it in the white area. This fixed many of my problems and was a HUGE help.

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