Archos 400 / 700 ??


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looks like my ipod is going to a new home so i'm looking for a new piece of kit !!

a bit of mp3 + photos + some video is order of the day - the archos looks the answer....

has anyone seen the 700 yet, the 100Gb is tempting but i've read mixed reviews on the screen quality + the 2Gb file thing is concerning me on the film front ...

thanks for any help

oh yeah is it a heap cheaper in the usa?
just asking because a friend is going next week!



As a gadget freak I've had a 700 for a month now. Basically my Zen was stuffed full and going nowhere. I mainly choose the 700 for the larger screen, USB host port and 100GB.

Currently, I have loaded 12,000 WMAs and several films recorded from Sky as a trial.

I chose to sync with media player for simplicity which went without a hitch.

I find the audio quality excellent and the screen clear and sharp if a little dark in high ambient light. I did get some interference when first recording from TV but played with the cables and it went away- never did find out what caused it. I have left the recording settings on default so far so I dont think the ouput is bad.

Having updated the firmware there are still a couple of annoyances. The tag data seems to display "album artist" by default and I havent found a way to change that. This is OK unless you set your compliation albums to an album artist of "various artists" (like I have).

Also the RESUME function is fine but it doesn't differentiate between music and video. So you watch half a film, play a bit of music and loose your resume spot in the movie.

I havent bothered looking at the game demos- not my thing.

No lockups/extended pauses/crashes to date.

Anyway, if you want everything in one package the 700 is an excellent choice if you dont mind lugging it around


you could always go half way and go for the archos av500, with a 4 inch screen and all the toys but more portable that the av700, was considering one myself as can be used as a camcorder, video recorder etc. certainly worth a look and good value for £350 or thereabouts

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