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Is there any way to archive off the recordings... maybe to my Mac? Or do I have to use a dvd recorder? If I have to use a DVD recorder does anyone have any recommendations... I most probably will edit the programmes on my Mac, so an HDD isnt important... I just want to get things archived for a minimal cost! I have Eyetv for Freeview recording.


I was wondering the same thing...was hoping to archive to a pc. Lots of people I have spoken, seem to think it can't be done...have to use a scart lead to a recorder. Seems some people have managed to do it with an additional HDD (sata) this correct? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.



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The only practical way is to make use of the analogue video/audio outputs and either send them to a PC based capture device or DVD recorder. There is no direct way to remove the digital data intact and stream to an external device and of course most of the data retains it's encryption.
Of course this will only be SD unless you have serious money for a component based capture card and a PC that can handle the data rate/recompression.

The SATA and USB ports on the SKY+ HD are currently de-activated for data transfer.

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