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    I have a JVC DR-M10 recorder. When I put in a blank DVD-R the "star rating" it shows for recording quality seems to indicate that it will record 2hr31m on the disc in FR mode, at the same quality as it would do the standard 2 hours in SP mode.
    My questions are as follows:
    1) WILL the quality be as good if I record 2h31 in FR mode, as if I record 2 hours in SP mode?
    2) Will I have any increased chance of compatability problems playing the disc on a PC/other DVD players if it has been recorded in FR mode instead of SP mode?

    And 3) If the answer to 2) is Yes, if I then copy the master disc (containing 2.5 hours in FR mode) onto another blank DVD-R via PC, will this eliminate the problem?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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