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I couldn't find any info on this particular topic through the search function - apologies if this duplicates previous threads.

I want to get some advice as I am planning on buying a Topfield TF5800 PVR and would also like, if possible, to use it to digitise some old VHS material.

Can the Topfield record in through the SCART? Doesn't seem like it from the manual.

Is this going to be as simple as connecting the RF OUT from the VHS into the RF IN on the Topfield? Has anyone done this?




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I've got the Topfield and i'm pretty sure that it can't do this. (sadly)
I had the same idea, archiving old TV recordings etc but used my Toshiba HDD Recorder instead. (the added bonus here i suppose was that i could then archive them to disc if i needed to)
This just involved hooking up the VCR to the Toshiba via the front AV connections.


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...and in any case, it's NEVER a good idea to archive anything on an internal hard drive. Always better to use removable media (such as, a DVD) so that, in case of hardware failure, you don't lose your archive.

To do what you want, you need a DVD recorder (with or without - I highly recommend WITH) a Hard Drive inside. And bear in mind, you won't be able to archive anything which has Macrovision copy protection on it.


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Yes have a look at Panasonic's range of DVD recorders. They seem to be the best for archiving due to their easy to use editing features.

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