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Hiya All

I am looking for a dvd recorder. I just wanted to get some advice from some of you on what I should actually get.

The main aim is to backup a range of gardening progs that are filling up the sky+ hard disk at an alarming rate!!

I already have a Yamaha DVDS540 for playing DVD's so I am not concerned about progressive and all that, but Richer Sounds sell the Philips DVDR75 for £220, I have also seen the DVDR70 in currys and John Lewis and the like for £279. Obviously the other one to consider is the Panasonic DMR E50. Which one is good?

As most of the recordings from DVD-R and DVD+R will playback on my Yamaha DVD player - I'm not so worried about which format, to be honest would just like a cheap solution (not from sainsburies though) from a reputable brand.

Cheers for now



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Are you sure you want to KEEP these shows rather than just shift them off Sky+ as it gets too full?
Another HDD device would be best.You can use Sky+ COPY to transfer to another HDD,then edit them before you transfer to dvd.The HS2 at £499 is a good deal,but the Pioneer 5100 is a superior machine offering high speed copying and the more useful -RW format,but is around £150 dearer,but its HDD has twice the capacity of the HS2.If cost is the overriding concern,you will have to make do with a Philips machine.


I do agree that if you want to keep the recordings a HDD is a necessity

However, I am suprised Phelings hasn't mentioned the Tosh XS30. It is cheaper than the HS2 and as you have sky+ a far superior machine to the HS2. I do agree that the poineer looks a tasty bit of kit mind you.

If you are not bothered about editing out ads etc I would go for a 2nd hand E30 there are plenty about as lots of people have upgraded to HDD models


yeah, great machine. It is basically the E50 with a nicer mirror front. I would guarantee you can find it cheaper then an E50 too.

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