Archive my cheriched VHS videos on DVD


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Dear All

over the years I have made some 30 home videos of my family - weddings, birthdays...etc.

Now these are taking some bulky space in my office and I wanted to back them all up on a DVD then store them away.

What is the easiest - not necessarily cheapest - way of doing this.

I could send them off to some of those advertising on ebay, but they charge the earth and I resent the fact that some stranger will see my personal videos:mad:

My kit
Tosh SD220 player,
AX5i amp
Pio 504 plasma

Thanks for your help


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I bought a cheap Phillips DVD+RW recorder from Richer sounds.

It has a digital video input on the front to record digitally direct from your digi-cam - or connect a VCR to it via a scart lead.

Then it's just a metter of pressing play on the video and record on the DVD recorder - could'nt really be any easier.

You can also use ot to replace your VCR for recording off the TV.

It probably is'nt the best option if you want to do any editing. You can do simple editing but nothing fancy. However, if it is purely wanted for recrding video tape direct to DVD then you probably can't get any easier than a DVD recorder.

I don't know how much they are now but my Phillips one, with firewire connector for the digicam was £239 just after Christmas.

Best of luck....


Be careful archiving footage that can not be replaced.
Recordable DVD's are not recommended for long term archiving as disk can start to 'rot' when they get old and become unplayable. This can happen within a year with some of the cheaper disks, but better quality disks should be ok for several years. No recorded DVD's will last as long as a studio mastered disk.
Because of the above I would suggest coping to DVD for easy replay, but keep the tapes so you can make further copies as needed.



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Many thanks for you both. I can now make an informative decision. I'll probably get a DVD recorder and archive my videos on DVDs then store my videos in the loft and save the space. Then the DVD recorder will replace my VCR on my AV unit.



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I have already experienced this "dvd rot" with a couple of my older DVD's purchased in 98, i.e Species and Ronin, which although have been kept in their boxes and last time I watched them they were fine, they are now virtually unplayable - makes me very worried about the collection of 400+ DVD's that I have built up over the years.
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