ARCAM - What to choose : DV89 or DV78 ?


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I am looking to change my actual DVD player (a Cambridge Audio 540D).
As I have an Arcam AVR100 (used as pre-amp) and an Arcam CD82T as a CD player, I think I'll go for an Arcam DVD player…*used as I can't afford a new one (if I could I'd take the new DV137 for sure :)

Looking at the second hand market, I noticed that the DV88+, DV89 and DV78 are quite in the same price category and that category is within reach for me.

If I have understood everything well :
- the DV89 is a 88+ with DVD-A ability (so no need of the 89, a 88+ will do, as DVD-Audio seems to be dead already). But if the price is the same, why not…
- but what about the DV78 ? Is it way better than the DV88+/89 ?

PLEASE NOTE : as I have a separate CD player, CD performance isn't a real issue for me. I just would like to have the best VIDEO performance. Is there a significant improvement from the DV88+/89 to the DV78 or are they more or less the same when used as video players ?



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