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If I buy an used Arcam equipment and if it is still in the warranty period, is the warranty valid for me also? Any idea or experience?


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Give Arcam a call and tell them what it is you are purchasing, you may find they are more accomodating than other manufacturers if asked nicely.


Would I need to call the Arcam distributor in the US to get this question answered? I started a new thread before I saw this one.


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allinthemind said:
Im afraid it aint.

Not many manufacturers offer transferable warraties these days.

Warranty is related to the equipment and not to the first owner. There are several EU-regulations which refer to this. So if you buy a f.e. 2 year old FMJ amp it still has 3 years warranty (of 5 yrs in total).

Timmy C

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There was a thread about this on here a year or two ago and someone from Arcam had apparently said if you buy privately it would be fine but not if you buy through ebay which of course makes no sense at all!


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I bought my avr300 second hand (from ebay, though it was a member here), and it the died horribly. arcam, and my arcam dealer said the warranty sent with the machine and not the owner, and within a week they gave me a new one.

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