Arcam stacking/racking conundrum


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Hi all advice sort on the following.

I have a very limited height in which I want to try and rack a potential new Arcam system (have been busy demoing things over the last couple of weeks, a few more to go, but in principle I already know the dimensions of each peice of equipment, its just a case of choosing which model). Have a purpose built AV cabinet which holds sentimental value (as built by my dad). I know your advise would be to get dedicated rack, but I can not do this. Also I can not (plus will not make any alterations to the cabinet except to add purpose built wood/mdf shelves and remove the centre door). You can view the cabinet on the thread about improving C channel performance.

The width and depth of the internal portion of the cabinet of which I wish to mount and display the Arcams is fine. Its the height that Im struggling with getting my head round which is the best combo/solution of Arcams.

Here's the important stuff:
I (and the missus), have written a wish list of what we want out of the Arcams:
1. Must have a fantastic Processor/Amp (AV9+P7)
2. Must have DVD (will currently use my DV79, with a view to upgrade when I feel the time is right)
3. Must have FM tuner (I note that the AV9 does not have inbuilt tuner thus would consider T61/T31 or is it poss to have an fm tuner installed into AV9?)
4. Must have quality CD (two options here - use DV79 or would prefer dedicated CD-player....CD36 etc)
5. All the above must be on display with the same cabinet section (excluding power amp which can be put to one side as the controlling processor will be on display).

Here's my racking conundrum:
Excluding the P7 (which I dont mind racking in a separate cupboard hidden away from eyes but given plenty of room to breath, the total height of the above is:
AV9 = 13cm
DV79= 8.5cm
T61/T31 = 8.5cm
CD36 = 8.5cm
TOTAL = 38.5cm

The total height of the internals of the AV cabinet is only 49cm.
This only would leave me 10.5cm for both; 3xshelves and breathing space.
If for example i installed 3 x coated MDF shelves each at only 10mm (but would prefer a bit thicker if poss) this would only leave just under 2cm (1.875 to be exact) breathing space above each peice of equipment.

Any sensible ideas on the above will be greatly appreciated. i.e. do you think I could get away with it or should I simply drop a peice of equipmet?


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Cheers Crusty.
Yep now Ive looked at the cabinet again I defo can not fit 4 peices of equip in the space available.

I would prefer though to wait on the DVD change though as hoping and waiting for Arcam to go along the hd route.

Ideally I would like to investigate if a factory fitted FM tuner can be bulit into an AV9 by Arcam. This would be the best all round option for me.



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I would prefer though to wait on the DVD change though as hoping and waiting for Arcam to go along the hd route.

I suspect you'll be a long time waiting for HD given the current format war. My guess would be a couple of years at the earliest. Given the accolades the DV139 has received you would not be wasting your money.


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Hi Darron

That's a really nice looking cabinet by the way!

I have a couple of suggestions / questions.

1) I know you said MDF shelves, but would you consider glass? they would be thinner than the MDF, and would probably help dissipate the heat better than the MDF in such a close environment.

2) You could make up wooden or metal spacers to go under the feet of the equipment (obviously with some sort of rubber or felt protection, to prevent scratching), then just stack them one on top of the other, with the spacers providing extra room for cooling.

3) I can't really tell which model of TV you have, but does it not have a digital tuner? If so, you could just use that to listen to digital radio stations, and avoid having to buy a separate tuner! I've heard mixed things regarding the quality of audio over digital radio, but but most people seem to say that if you do listen to digital, it is better through DVB than DAB.

4) If i were in your situation. Personally, I would put the DVD player and CD player on top of the cabinet (one each side of the center speaker, to maintain symmetry), then have the rest underneath, in the center. Though I completely understand why you probably will not want to do this.



Theo Maxtible

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[/QUOTE]I would prefer though to wait on the DVD change though as hoping and waiting for Arcam to go along the hd route.[/QUOTE]

I'd definately go along with Crusty's advice. I own the DV137, which is connected through the AVR350 to a fairly ordinary set of 5.1 speakers. The performance of the DV137 with SACD and DVD-A is amazing. I have no doubts that the DV139 is even more impressive at playing DVD-As and SACDS than my DV137. I'm not even mentioning DVD-Vs. It would be a shame to have such a machine and not get into HD audio.


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Hi all,
many thanks for the time taken to reply. much appreciated.

Good point about using glass shelves phil, will investigate this also. I still think though that Im gonna have to drop one of the arcams :(
Afraid also that arnt allowed by the put equip on top of the cabinet.
Will still research the glass shelve option though as think would look very cool.

Assuming I would have to drop an Arcam it would be the cd-player. As you all mention the upgraded DV will do the work fine.

I understand what you are all saying about either use digi tv or Sky to listed to radio, however its the only thing her in doors really wants is an inbuilt fm/dad tuner, thus will let her have this option. Its a big shame that Arcam dont give the option of an inbuilt tuner within the AV9 (dealer spoke to them regarding this subject earlier today for me and the simple answer is no-way).

Will keep you updated

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