ARCAM SR-250 AVR won’t power on. Is it worth repairing?


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Arcam AVR won’t power on. How do you tell if something is worth repairing?

it just went off warranty, darn it. I don’t know if a six year old product is out of date and I should move on or should I keep it and fix it. It’ll cost me $100 to ship it back and forth and $80 just to look at it. The repair cost is a complete unknown, I have a feeling I should replace it but it’s hard to let go of a $3500 purchase.

I had an in warranty repair for the same symptoms 8 months ago, The company replaced the power supply, but otherwise could find nothing wrong. The guarantee on the repair is 90 days. Prior to that, it kept turning itself off as soon as I turned it on, so I would have to repeatedly turn it on. But now it wont power on at all.

I think it might have got it too warm and set off some sort of a protection circuit so a friend suggested I try a factory reset but I don’t know how that is possible when I can’t turn it on, But maybe there is some kind of key sequence I can press?
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