Question Arcam Solo Sub with KEF iQ Speakers?


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I've just picked up some KEF speakers to replace my Arcam Solo Soundbar/Sub and was wondering whether I should sell the Arcam sub with the soundbar and buy a different sub, or use the Arcam sub with my KEFs?

Setup is:
  • Denon AVC-A11XVA
  • KEF iQ5 Front
  • KEF iQ60c Centre
  • KEF T101 Rears
  • Arcam Solo Sub

The room is about 6m x 3.5m, the TV will be on the middle of the long wall, the short walls are door/window one side and full length patio door on the other side (so no where to put side speakers - hence using just rears).

I've not moved in yet (any day/week now), just planning my priority jobs for week 1 like speaker placement and wiring routes!

Has anyone used an Arcam Solo Sub as a sub in a 5.1 setup?



There's an old beast of an amp and still probably one of Denon's finest performers. The Solo is a powered sub with an LFE hard wired connection which can certainly be connected to the Denon and calibrated into the system.


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Depends if you want something better. It looks bit special and being from soundbar system i think it would be best to sell with the soundbar, should be quite easy as people want whole package often. Selling it later alone could be more trickier cause Arcam isn´t known from subwoofers really.

If you have roughly 400-500£ upwards to spend then you will get upgrade from the small Solo woofer. If you can´t spend that much and you felt the sub did fine job in fairly similar size or larger room (?) then keep it.


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I'd say the weakest link which has been rightly pointed out is the Arcam (which isn't the standard comment for their electronics). So I would certainly say you will do far better replacing that with any good quality woofer whether its new or old. If you are looking at old (Rel Storm 3 or Strata 3) if its new, then SVS or B.K. Electronics would be the right way to go

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