Arcam Solo Mini vs Denon D-M37 vs Denon D-M38, Cambridge Audio One


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I am currently looking at these four systems, as these are the ones I can find in my city (Winnipeg)

Denon D-M37/D-M38
Cambridge Audio One
Arcam Solo Mini

From my research, the new Denon D-M38 will be $499 (Canadian), the Cambridge Audio One is $649, and the Arcam Solo Mini is $1095.

Is the Arcam 'worth' over double the price of the D-M38, even though the D-M38 is newer?

Which of these 3 is the better choice?


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Having listened to the Denon D37 and the Arcam Solo Mini I can say that the Arcam is indeed worth the money and is in a different league to the Denon. I really like the Denon but compared to the Arcam it lacks finesse.

That said, it will depend on what speakers you'll be using with the system. The Arcam deserves to mated with some decent speakers such as the PMC DB1, (a friend of mine uses this combination and it really is a lovely sound). Budget speakers will not get the best out of the Solo and will lessen the audible difference between the Arcam and the Denon.

I've no knowledge of the Cambridge system you mention but would not expect it to compete with the Arcam, (yes I am prejudiced as I have and do own a lot of Arcam gear).

Your best bet is to arrange some demos.

Hope that helps :)

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