Arcam Solo 5.1 - a couple of questions/advice, please


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For a number of reasons that I won't bore people with it looks like I might have to downsize my DV139/AV9/Rotel RMB1077/B&W speakers set-up, due to some forthcoming serious space restrictions. To that end, I want to stay with Arcam gear, so I was thinking about a Solo 5.1 system with a small sub and a pair of Kef 5.2 11 speakers (see here fivetwo series MODEL 11), subject to audition, of course.

Although I'm sure that some of my following questions have been answered here before (so apologies in that case), could someone help me with the following please?

1) Can the Solo 5.1 be set-up for multi-region playback, like my DV139? (pretty sure it can from memory - the 1-1-1-1 thing, right?)

2) Are layer changes noticeable on DVD playback? (They're not on my DV139.)

3) Do the external digital inputs handle and decode the likes of Dolby Digital 5.1, DTS 5.1 etc. OK? (Think of Freesat, Blu-Ray at some point.)

4) Any other 'gotchas' or points to note with the Solo 5.1?

Any advice, other suggestions will be gratefully received.



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