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I am considering the system with both sound quality and the surrounding features (including DVD-Audio and most of the video modes). After some investigation, I came up with Arcam, but I am not sure which way to go:

1. ARCAM AVR300 (a new one coming) is promising a lot of features without compromising the stereo quality. In conjunction with DV89 should sound stunning. But so many features in one box may be to much even from Arcam.

2. ARCAM A90 with 7.1 processor paired with A85/3 (by the way I mentioned A85/3 instead of A90/3 since I have a good discount - do you see a big difference between A90/3 and A85/3) does not have digital input. Does it mean I need some extra DAC to listen to the DTS or DVD-Video, or DV89 can handle it.

Please let me know your opinion about 1. and 2. If you have an alternative solution (Rotel processor plus 5 channel amp or anything in the same class) please suggest.

The speakers I am running are Mission 753 floor standing plus m5ds as a rear speakers and v6c as center.
Arcam reckon the AVR300 is very close to the A90 in stereo. If they are correct, it is a watershed for integrated amp design - decent hifi listening at last! :clap:

A90 7.1 will probably improve a bit on AVR300 in stereo, sound similar in DD5.1 (with your DV89) , BUT the A90 setup has no DSP settings - no DPLII with Sky unfortunately. :(

Me? I WANT the AVR300 to replace my AVR200!
I have yet to hear an AV amp that sounds a patch on a decnt hi fi amp... hence i went for the Yamaha DSP-E800 processor and plugged it in off my Naim Nait 3R amp... in my situation i don't really need any more than 5 channels (hopefully they will make a 6.1 version soon...)

As it is the sound is absolutely fantastic in both Hi Fi and AV.

Yes its not cheap as my Naim amp cost £800, but you can get them used for £350 now... the Yamaha is about £250 new too!
roksan caspian DSP and 5ch power amp, seen cheap fantastic music, shame the dvd player didn't get quits as good a write up.
I believe I saw them Brand New at half price.

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