Arcam Power Amp Help Needed!

Matt Horne

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Just needed a couple of questions answered with regard to the Arcam P75 power amps.

These are rated at 50W a channel and I needed some advice.

Could these be used successfully for a home cinema ( 3 x amps to drive all channels) which is using Mission M74/73 floorstanders? Or would I find the amps cutting out during heavy weight sequences ?

Also do you know if the power amps are bridgeable so I could use all 3 amps to power the front 3 speakers if I thought it needed more omph?

Really need some help as I have seen some at a great price...




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Hi Matt

Sorry can't help on your question but just wondering where you have seen them at great prices for?

I was after one myself


John Dawson

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Matt -

The P75 is a very decent stereo power amp but was not designed to support home cinema in a large room. It probably won't cut out if you drive it hard, provided it is adequately ventilated, but it is rated at 50WPC and will certainly clip if you try to get 100WPC out of it! It is absolutely not bridgeable.

So for smaller rooms, and if you find some at low prices, fine. If you want something quite obviously in the next league up then go for the P85 family.


John Dawson (Arcam)

Matt Horne

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Hmmm.. food for thought..

Basically the system resided in my front room.. its about 4 metres from the fronts to the rear speakers.. and currently I am using a Yamaha AV amp which outputs about 85 w per channel which I do not have to push very hard to get a very upfront soundstage.

I was really after sound quality over raw volume.. Also what is the difference between the P75 and + version? I noticed on the arcam website the power ratings for stereo and mono (90W) which is why I though they were bridgeable....

Confused I think...

Matt :)

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