Arcam P429 tripping electrics when turned on from cold


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Got a strange issue, my P429 amp is causing one of the breakers for the AV rack to trip sometimes, usually only when it has been turned off for a few days, so it is coming on from cold.

Breaker is currently a B20 and Arcam have suggested changing it for C20 because it may be related to the draw when starting up due to the Class G design (which I think means it needs to charge up the caps). Type B should be good for 3-5x current suggesting there is 60-100 amps draw to trigger which is pretty huge and way more than I'd really expect.

I've already had the breaker changed, so it isn't a faulty breaker.

Just wondered if anyone else has come across similar issues? Trying to get the electrician that did the build back to change it out again for the suggested Type C, but he's not local so its taking a while.

Everything else in the rack is fine and the larger Arcam P7 powering up doesn't cause any issues but simply plugging in the P429 (even if it has nothing connected to inputs or outputs and nothing else is connected to the circuit) will at times cause the circuit to trip.


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I had a similar fault using my Arcam AVR 850 which tripped a breaker sometimes but not always on switch on.My electrician cured it after a suggestion from Arcam to change the breaker for one which dealt with transient currents better. Probably the type c as suggested . no problems now.

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