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Dear all,

I have got an Arcam PowerAmp P-25 to power my front 3 speakers. If your interested, it does a super job with my ears!!

Just 2 quick questions.

1. I notice that there are three fans at the bottom of the unit that have yet to come on. I am not sure if they should be running all the time or just when it gets to certain temperatures.

2. I used a SPL to once again configure all the channels to 75db. However, this has meant that I have had to turn the front three channels (the ones through the P-25) down by around 4 db. Is it normal for power amps to be higher etc?

Can someone please advise? Appreciated.

Hi Brad
I've 3 P25 amps in my 7.1 setup , I didn't know that there was any cooling fans? Even though the 3 channel does run hotter
than the other pair , I have never noticed any fan noise.
In a product of this quality I would be very suprised if you did.

Regards Mrblue
I was quite suprised myself. However, lift up the unit, turn it over and have a look. Three lovely fan that never seem to switch on!

I really believe that its either a safety device or 'only at certain temps' as a fan will cause noise.

Thanks for the answer.

The fans are temperature controlled and will not come on in normal operation. Infact if they did start coming on a lot then you should check for airflow clearance - and make sure you haven't placed anything directly on top of the amp.

I have an Alpha 10P3 (basically the FMJ P25 in the older Alpha casework) as part of an Alpha 10 Dave setup, the fans in my 10P3 have never to my knowledge come on (they are actually very quite fans so not easy to notice). The fans in the Alpha 10/Dave unit come on very occasionally and only after many hours of use with lots of other equipment switched on that can lead to some heat build up.

My 10P3 doesn't get very warm - but then its only driving the center and rear speakers, the Alpha 10/Dave gets a lot hotter - but not excesively hot.
Thanks again for all the replies.

Where would I be without you fellas.............?

Cheers again.


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