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Arcam or onkyo as upgrade


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I was woundering if a Arcam or an Onkyo would be the best upgrade for my home system

iHave 3 Kef Ace 9000 as fronts and 2 egs 3001 as rear ( looking into updating the rear w Kef tmd 34 dipoles) plus i have a Kef Psw 4000 on the sub side... and.....a 605 onkyo

Looking on the 805 - 905 onkyo or any arcam as im not the million dollar man im pro looking to the item as used and please put in why u think i sould buy the model u pick for my system So value vs how much to spend is alsow an issue:thumbsup:

Thank hope to get some feedback cheers...:hiya:

Edit: Sry forgot to mention my pref is 65% movies and 35% cd
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This is hard to say as it depends what you will be using the system for. Will it just be for movies or do you intend to use it for music too.

Also the other components you intend to use will influence what you should buy. If you have a blu-ray player that only passes hd-audio over hdmi then you would probably want to go with the Onkyo as the Arcam does not do HDMI audio.

If you have a blu-ray player has analogue outs or have no interest in HD audio then I would suggest the Arcam AVR350. They are going for insanely low prices at the moment and are fantastic recievers for both movies and music.


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thaknks for the reply.

Any ohter to give me advice thanks, at this price leve u can´t get enughf
advice tx in advance


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As Canti1982 said it really depends on your sources and the type of connections you actually need as opposed to what would be nice to have for future-proofing purposes. If you can make do with the lack of certain features and instead want to focus more on the core Dolby Digital and DTS decoding options then both the Arcan AV280 and especially the AV350 are very good value for money. They lack particular features like in-built hd decoding or the ability to accept any kind of surround sound over the hdmi inputs (which are otherwise purely for video switching purposes) plus any kind of upscaling/upconversion over hdmi. But if these don't hold particular importance to you, or you have a way of getting around them (like a standalone blu ray player with analogue multi-channel outputs and player surround decoding) then the Arcam models do offer a lot in performance (taking their cost into account).

There are new Onkyo models available (SR-706/806/876 and 906) so availability of the previous generation models are drying up unless you're considering second hand. It depends on your budget really, as potentially you have other makes and models like the Yamaha RXV-1800 ~ £599 or the RXV-3800 ~ £799 both heavily discounted due to the release of new models.

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