Question Arcam HT Bypass Stereo Amp with Remote


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I'm looking at adding a stereo amp to my AVR but I'd need it to have remote (Harmony) controlled HT Bypass.

I do like the Arcam amps so looks like my options are
  • Alpha: 8R, 9, 10
  • DiVA: A70, A75/75plus, A80, A85, A90
  • FMJ: A18, A28, A32, A38, A49
  • SA10, SA20, SA30
  • Pre's: Alpha 9C, FMJ C30, FMJ C31
Also I expect I may put a miniDSP Dirac 24 in the line so the easiest way to do that is with a power amp. Whatever I buy, I will more than likely get the matching PA.

Anyone know if any of those amps have the ht bypass controlled by the remote?

Budget is >£500 for the amp.


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You may need to be careful depending on which AVR and HiFi amp combo you go for as some use the same / similar remote codes and so can clash, ie you press Sat on the AVR and that works but also the HiFi amp switches to CD etc. Some like the SA30 (imagine SA20 also) you can switch the default remote set to an alternative set. The FMJs and SA amps I’ve had all worked fine with a Harmony Remote, I think you just assign one (or a very specific one) of the inputs to be in HT bypass mode (may be processor mode) and when you select that input it’s automatically set to work with an AVR.


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What’s the AVR?


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Marantz 7702 so I should be safe enough


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I have owned the A80 and C31 and once you had manually set the AV input to 'PROCESSOR' then you could put the amp into HT mode through the remote.

Note the Arcams are fixed gain rather than strictly HT bypass - i.e. you set your volume level then the amp remembers it and goes to that automatically.

Of the amps you have listed, in my view, the C31 is by far the best (having heard most of them). I haven't heard the A49, but it was derived from a similar design with a new power stage.


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The older Arcam like A85 require you to press tape so they don’t interact so well with harmony as it doesn’t always sync how you want it. For example if you program the sequence to start avr, start a85 then press tape for processor mode, it may already be in processor mode so it switches it off. Not sure if there’s a work around but I never bothered setting the input so was okay when using it just for HT. if i then listened to music I had to press tape again and so on... the newer ones assign it to a particular input so not an issue (Example SA30).

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