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Question Arcam FMJ Suggestions


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I'm looking at upgrading my bedroom system to an Arcam FMJ. My shopping list is:

CD36 or CD37

The speakers will be Monitor Audio GS60.
I'm undecided on the CD player. Any suggestions please? Possible future upgrade will be an additional P35 and use the A32 as a pre-amp.

Many thanks.


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Hi. I have had the A32 and P35 and they can be used to go amp suitable speakers. I did this with B&W N804's and they sounded great with the extra power amp (extra bass depth and speed but also better mid and treble). I have the CD36 and DV139 (which is very similar to the CD37). Personally I prefer the slightly warmer CD36 over the DV139 but there's not much in it. I think that you would be fine with either player. Hope this helps.


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I won an A32 on eBay. I think I may have paid too much for it at £410.

I lost on the CD36 from the same seller. I'm in no rush as I wanted to upgrade in increments anyway.

I'm still undecided on the CD player. CD36 or CD37. Don't know if there is much difference between the two.

Also on the shopping list is: T32 and P35 but they rarely come up for sale on eBay.
Likewise, Monitor Audio GS60 in Cherry also rarely up for sale.


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I'm thinking about buying a pair of Mordaunt Short Performance 6 speakers as alternative to the Monitor Audio GS60. I was wondering how well they will pair with the A32 or A32/P35 combo.

Timmy C

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What did you go for in the end? I've been wanting a pair of GR60's for a while now so would be interested to hear how you are getting on with the GS if you managed to get a pair.

Timmy C

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Have you considered a CD23? There's one on ebay ending tomorrow. I was quite tempted to buy as a spare but I've got 3 already. It's a lovely sounding player but well sought after due to it's DCS DAC so I'm guessing there may be a last minute price jump. I wouldn't change mine for anything!


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I'm also on the lookout for a FMJ T32 and there is currently one on the bay, but the seller doesn't ship overseas. Just finished today installing my recent required A32 and CD33. I'm very impressed with the sound. The CDP is so quiet in opening and closing and sounds very crisp. Love the detailed sound of the A32 amp.


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I've so far purchased: T32, A32 and P35 and very happy with them. Would highly recommend the T32. I did buy a CD36 on eBay but it was in terrible cosmetic condition despite the seller telling me before I bought it that it was perfect. I've decided to get a CD37 and just waiting for one to come up on eBay.

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