Arcam FMJ P7 with an AVR350...what will I notice??


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Maybe a bit of an odd question perhaps but I would like some opinions.

Amongst other things, I have recently been using an AVR350 with a DV139 and (a few HDMI issues aside) I am pretty happy with the results - gorgeously musical to my ears!

I also have a Meridian G91A (dvd / pre) that I have hooked up with an Arcam FMJ P7 power amp. I'm probably not getting the best from the G91A in this scenario so have decided to sell it - some Meridian digital speakers would be nice but a little bit pricey for me at the moment!

Ok, the point of this. What would I gain or lose by using the pre amp stage of the AVR350 with the P7 power amp? Worth a try do you think??

I was also considering 'investing' in an AV9 once I sell the Meridian. Think I would notice much of an improvement??

A lot of questions there I know, but in summary....

1. Arcam DV139 + AVR350?
2. Arcam DV139 + AVR350/P7?
3. Arcam DV139 + AV9/P7?

Shall be using them with PMC TB2+ and TB2M+

Cheers guys :)


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I got a P7 yesterday:

Arcam DV137 + AVR350 + P7?

Using the P7 to drive HF and LF for the fronts is a massive improvement over the AVR350 bi-amping.

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