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    Continuing the never ending saga for better sound, after upgrading amps, AV, speakers, cables... it was time for the DVD player, so I replaced the DV88 by the FMJ DV27.

    The sound is better, as I expected, what I didn´t expect, (I already had the best image I had ever seen on a TV, the Loewe Vitros), was such a big improvement on the image, and I still have progressive scan to try... It went from photo like quality to slide, for instance, I found out that BB King´s jacket is made of tiny "mirror" bids, not just a colourful pattern...

    Now back to progressive scan,

    1 - I will buy the VGA module, but it only has, as far as I know, RGB inputs, how do I connect the progressive scan out, (component video), still to SCART3, is that all I need ???

    2 - Can someone please tell me how to tweak the player to do progressive scan from PAL films, is the resulting signal still 480P, if not, will the VGA module still handle it, or do I need another ???

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