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Now Peeps here's an interesting one.

My Arcam FMJ DV27 went in for a Service a couple of weeks back. When it came back I spotted what appears to be a new menu option.

Under the Black Level 0IRE Setting is now a Pluge setting that can be set to "Normal" (Default) or "Pass Pluge".

This is kind of odd because it always passed the pluge test before anyway.

Anyone know what this *actually* does?



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My Tosh 900 has a similar thing in the setup menu (Below Black setting) which is supposed to be for use with Test Discs, although switching it on/off I can´t see any difference to be honest.:rolleyes:

John Dawson

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The point is to allow you to turn it on or off because there are a few discs with illegally recorded very low level video signals on them which in some cases can upset the player's video encoder. IIRC the allowed range from black to peak white on DVD is 16 - 235 in the range 0 - 255 for allowed digital video levels. 1 - 15 then represents below black levels which are not supposed to be used but a few discs do have them. One or two use the 0 level too, which is forbidden as it is for sync use, and it is for these discs that you need to turn off the below black setting on the player to avoid visual anomolies. If all DVDs adhered to the proper standards you wouldn't need to do this.

Well - you asked for an explanation Neil :)

John Dawson (Arcam)


Thanks John, now if only I could figure out the SDI Mod you'd sell tons ;)


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