Arcam DVD player to match CD82 for SQ


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Hi all,

I have just heard from the engineer that my CD82 is beyond repair :(

I was also about to buy a new DVD player (£200ish) but it would be quite handy if I could get a decent universal player. I would quite like to stick with Arcam so my question is: do any of the Arcam DVD players match up to the CD82 in terms of stereo SQ?

If not Arcam then any others?

Thanks :)


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I would say that the DV137 is likely to be pretty close in audio performance to your CD82. The DV139 would significantly outperform your CD82 in all aspects of audio performance, a very worthwhile machine getting if you are truly after a high performance all in one.


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I got a DV89 from Ebay for £220. Not bad for a player that was £1300 when new. According to Arcam (I rang them and asked) it's CD performance is somewhere between the CD82 & CD92. It is excellent as a DVD player as well. Even though it does not have hdmi or upscaling the picture is comparable to the Denon 3910 IMHO.

It had a problem reading discs when I got it but I cleaned the laser assembly and it's fine now.


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Thanks for the suggestions.

It hadn't really crossed my mind that I could claim for this on the household insurance (it was a thunder strike/power surge) but it seems I can, they are currently looking for a "suitable alternative" to the CD82. I'm not sure what they'll come back with as they don't make an CD8x any more.

Maybe now I'll have to just have to go for a 2 box solution now but I'll be fighting tooth and nail with the insurance people not to be fobbed off with some crap alternative :)


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All depends so much on the policy and ‘their’ rules but two possible options. If they replace ‘like with like’, argue at least for a CD73 which at least you could upgrade yourself in future to a 192 if they didn’t come at that now. I would fight tooth and nail to insist that ‘like’ means Arcam. To get the best of both worlds though, the DV79 approximates the CD73 for CD performance so close if not quite your 82. They are relatively cheap at the moment and may be in the right price order so you may be able to suggest that to them. If on the other hand they replace old with a written down value for new, Marantz make fairly musical components. I wouldn’t give up on an Arcam replacement though. Please let us know the company’s name if you can talk them into a CD36 or a DV139 though.:thumbsup:

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