Arcam DV89 + Pioneer AX3 + DVD-a Problems?

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    Hi folks,

    This is going to be slightly long so bear with me please.

    I bought a DV89 + a Pioneer Ax3 + Kef Eggs MKII a couple of weeks ago. Until Friday I had the Arcam hooked up to the amp via "Digital Coaxial" and from 2 of the Analogue ouputs on the dv89 into the "CD IN" on the AX3.

    The Arcam settings were set for Large Front speakers, and nothing on rear, centre and sub woofer.

    The Amp is set to small for all speakers, a sub being present and cross over to 80hz. The volume on the Sub is set to just past 12 oclock, cross over to 140, the sub level on the AX3 to -10 which is what it sets it to during auto setup.

    With the above settings, everything sounded fine and lovely, there was lots of bass on both the DVD input using the digital cable for DVD films and on CD input using the analogue outs of the DV89.

    On Friday a friend brought round the Queen DVD audio, I hooked up the rest of my analogue cables and set the Arcam settings to small speakers for front, centre and surround, Sub to present and bass to Crossover. For the crossover I set it to 80hz.

    I then put the DVDa switched the amp to "Multi Channel Inputs" and was suprised at the lack of bass.

    First of all I checked all the cables were connected properly which they were. Then, I turned up the volume on the sub to full and still there was quite a lack of bass. I then went in to the AMP and set the a volume of 0 and got some bass but it

    However, at this point the the amp was set to 0db for the sub level and the volume control on the sub to full which surely can't be right. Switching to the DVD input on the amp and I nearly blew my sub up and windows out there was so much bass, I had to quickly turn the amp master volume down.

    I then tried swapping cables which made no difference at all.

    I also went into the Arcam menus and sent a test tone to all speakers which worked great for all channels except the sub. Again I had to have the amp + sub on stupid settings to hear the tone and even then it was fairly quiet.

    The said mate has the same dvd player + speakers as me but has a marantz amp. he explained that on his setup he does have to turn the sub volume up a tad for dvd-a but only a slight touch.

    My question is is, does anyone have a similar setup and point me perhaps in the right direction as to where I'm going wrong? Is it possible that something is broken either on the amp or the dv89?

    I have to say that for dvd films or audio using the coxial cable or cd using the analogue outputs of the arcam / cd in on the amp there is plenty of bass at the settings mentioned earier and I do mean loads.

    Help apreciated.


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