Arcam DV88+


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I'm interested in getting this player but was wonering if any owners/users of this player could tell me if you can play an RCE dvd just by (remote) hacking it to 'auto' select region. The reason I ask is when I originally demoed the original DV88 the dealer had to set the player to R1 every time he tried to play an RCE disc. (I think I would find this annoying)



The only disc I have that I know for definite is RCE is the 6th Day. It's plays no problem in my 88+ set to auto region.



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Thanks a lot John, Looks like the DV88+ is the player for me. (just have to work out who I can get to buy it for my xmas present now:D)

Cheers again,


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My 2 year old dv88 handles R1 and RCE discs fine on auto. Maybe the dealer hadnt actually set it to auto? When i first got mine i used to switch it each time.

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