Arcam DV88+ vs FMJ DV27


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According to posts here by John Dawson (assuming I understand them correctly) the DV88+ and the latest version of the DV27 now use the same processor, the Vaddis 5. The DV88+ also offers progressive scan out of the box (while the original DV88 needed a £300 upgrade). At first glance this might suggest that the gap between the DV88+ and the latest version of the DV27 is narrower than it was between the DV88 and the original DV27, despite the price differential remaining the same.


Matt Horne

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I think the DV27 has better internal DACS and power supply and proabably a better quality of component which covers the difference in price..

I'm sure someone knows the correct details..



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I'm not suggesting that the DV27 isn't significantly better, I'm sure it is, I'm merely suggesting that the gap may be narrower.

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