Arcam DV88 - Still a good player?




My DVD player (a POS Rotel RDV985 which has already been repaired twice) has just died (again). I'm torn between buying a cheapo replacement and stumping up the cash for a serious player. I'm a bit of a fan of Arcam's stuff and I notice that the DV88 has had very good reviews. I'm not interested in its CD playing capabilities as I already have a very good CD player.

The question is as the DV88 seems to be nearly two years old is it still a killer machine or has it been overtaken by cheaper Japanese machines? From an AV perspective would I be better off with, say, the new Pioneer (656 I think) universal player which also does DVD-A and SACD out of the box?



Matt Horne

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Check out the other threads here about the DV88 + which is the new version of the player which is PAL prog scan out of the box / new boards etc etc.. and its the same price as the DV88.

I will hopefully be getting mine upgraded soon..


P.S it is a stunning player

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