Arcam DV88+ problem


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My DV88+ will not let me bookmark.
I've tried it on various discs R1/R2,on interlaced and deinterlaced mode and on component/RGB.
The player just freezes and I have to then end up switching the player off to reset it.
Has anyone else encounted this and is there a cure?
Perhaps JD can give me a reply?


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Sorry I can't help you with your problem. I was just wondering how you are getting on with Pal progressive scan on the DV88+.


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Well, I went into the service menu, and found a heading to reset bookmarks.
I did this and now it bookmarks ok:)
However, I noticed the self check test in there as well and decided to see if all was ok.
This is what came up on the screen:
FP Passed
ATAPI Passed
DV103 Failed
ADV7196 Failed

I'm guessing that this is to do with the progressive scan upgrade on the original DV88 that used the Analog Devices ADV7196 DAC and what was originally the DV103 progressive scan encoder.
Can someone please confirm that all is well with my machine?


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Just spoke to Arcam tech support and all is ok. :)


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