Arcam DV88+ problem with Apple iDVD

Discussion in 'Blu-ray & DVD Players & Recorders' started by Paul Reading, Mar 17, 2003.

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    Feb 2, 2003
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    I have just bought an Arcam DV88+ and I have problems playing DVD's made using an iMac with Apple 2X media and iDVD. The DVD burner in the iMac was a Pioneer A04-OEM.

    I have had no problems with these disks on my old Pioneer DV-505 (Circa 1996) I think this was the first Pioneer DVD player for sale in the UK. I called Arcam and they sent me a firmware and software upgrade disk, but I am not convinced that I didn't have the latest firmware anyway, as I say I only just bought the player. However, running the upgrade disks has made no difference the machine just freezes at about the 30 minute mark.

    As I have just upgraded my iMac to the latest version, I copied one of the unplayable disks to a new blank, Apple media is now 4X and it plays without problems. The new machines use a Sony DVD writer.

    As a result, I know the problem lies with one of the following:-

    1. The player, (But there is no problem with the same disks on the old Pioneer)

    2. The Apple 2x media

    3. The Pioneer burner. (Do the Arcam and Pioneer get along with each other).

    I find it difficult to understand how a £900 DVD player and genuine Apple media, software and hardware seem to be incompatible.

    If anyone can help me identify the cause of this problem I can avoid making any more movies that the Arcam cannot play I would be very greatful. I do hope that Arcam can sort this out, if seven year old DVD players and supermarket machines can handle these disks, Arcam of all companies should be able to fix it.
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    I have an Arcam DV27 and an Apple Flat-panel iMac with a pioneer "04" drive. I've been using the cheaper 2X media with no problems.

    Others might be more knowledgable but I believe that the transport on my DV27 is older and different than yours.

    Good luck,


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