Arcam DV88 Plus SW bug


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I just updated the SW in my DV88 Plus to 4.0.18.

I still have the same problem I had with v4.0.00. I was hoping 4.0.18 fixes it, but it doesn't.

Sometimes when I press the STATUS button the player goes into SETUP mode. This can be real annoying when playing a DVD, and it confuses the wife (who thinks she's then doing soemthing wrong).

I am not fat-fingering the remote either. I have a Home Theater Master MX-700 and have programmed it with the specific discrete codes (rather than by learning them from the original remote).

I have the problem with the original remote as well, but since the buttons are right next to each other I couldn't be sure I wasn't accidently pressing the SETUP button.

What's curious is that the discrete codes for these two functions are consecutive:

SETUP: 25-74
STATUS: 25-75

So maybe that has something to do with it.

Anyone else notice this?



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I've have the same problem, firstly on my DV88+ and now on my DV27+.
It's done this on all 3 Prontos I've used and is very annoying as you say.
I don’t recall it happening on the original, but it’s not much fun using the Arcam remote with a magnifying glass and a torch, so I hardly use it. :D


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not that it's any help but I have had the same prob with me DV88+ and I've just put up with it! It's not just sometimes either, it's most of the time. It's just as well that it resumes where it left off or I'd be really ******.....:mad:


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Arcam...are you listening?

Can we get this fixed, please?

Matt Horne

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Yep I have that.. though it seems to happen on certain discs.

I do not really ever see the prob as I rarely use the status button.

I am sure it was introduced in ver 4.00..


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