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Whislt reading through the current What Hi-Fi Magazine last night, It mentioned that a replacemnt DVD player is being released in the new year; priced around £1,200.

That strikes me as odd replacing a machine with one that costs ~20% more.....

Yet I am contemplating buying the 88plus (not yet had chance to see it)

Has anyone else heard about this? I cant see anything mentioned in their web site.

John, care to make any comments?



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It's going to be the DV88plus fitted with the DVD-A board as standard from the factory.
I believe it will be called the DV89.
I own the DV88plus, which come January, I will be able to pay £200 and have it upgraded by having the DVD-Audio board fitted by an Arcam dealer ,if I wanted.
It all depends on if you actually want DVD-A or not. If you buy the DV88plus now, you have the option at a later date rather than coughing up another £200 now.
Personally, I will wait until there are a few more main stream titles available before I contemplate upgrading.
That's one of the many benefits of buying Arcam. You can upgrade your player so it is always up to date and not out of date and obsolete.

Hope this helps:)

John Dawson

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There are no plans to replace the 88 Plus and, even if there were, we'd not tell WHF first!

Robocop has the right idea - it's the DVD-A version of the 88 Plus, called the DV89, to which the magazine is referring. It will sell alongside the 88 Plus, not replace it.

It will be interesting to see the sales ratio between the two.

John Dawson (Arcam)


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Mr Dawson,
I actually just exchanged DV88 for DVD32R (last week - last step to full TAG setup) but would still like to know the estimated price difference for DVD-A upgrade between DV88 and DV88+ and is latter mandatory for DVD-A upgrade
Regards from Vienna from (pretty satisfied) Ex-Arcam owner.


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Thank you both,

It does make sense to make the 88Plus DVD-A compatable.

What avout Super CD or whatever its called, being pushed by Sony and Philips in particular?



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Here's part of John's reply in another tread on the same SACD question.

"To do SACD you would need to build most of a second player within the same box (different transport, back end chip set, outputs etc). Basically it's a non starter. However the 88 Plus will play the red book (CD) layer of SACDs to a very high standard, I would argue at a level comparable with the two channel SACD decoding of most basic SACD players. So why do you need SACD?"


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Currently, niether DVD-A or SACD interest me.

Was just interested whether it is likely to support SACD.

Thanks for your cut n paste :p



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