Arcam DV88 overpriced?



Talk me out of buying one please.
I love Arcam stuff but surely this player was £900 when it appeared 2 years or so ago.Every other brand has fallen in price considerably in that time.So how come Arcams are still £900.Is it that far ahead of the pack.How does it rate against a £500 Sony or Pioneer(the sort of model that would have been £900 a couple of years ago)

I think it Looks very expensive

consider you can get a Philips all singing and dancing DVD recorder with P/scan pal & Ntsc for £750ish

I know which my ££££,s would be going on


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You pays your money...

If you have to ask why something costs so much then you really can't afford it, can you?
Buy what you think is right for your needs. If you want a DVD player that's a not too bad CD player then the Arcam is for you. If it's just for DVD's then save your money and get another brand.


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Thats because it's now DV88+ which now does Ps out of the box. I can't talk you out of one because I have one (DV88) and it the best player I've owned.


Appreciate the comments although I don`t really understand the idea that if you question the value of something it means you can`t afford it:confused:
It`s just that if £900 represents good value now they were giving them away at that price when it first came out if you judge it by the general price of dvd players over the past couple of years.
That said it`s very much on my shortlist.


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Originally posted by jflynn
So how come Arcams are still £900.Is it that far ahead of the pack.
It's £999, and yes it much better than any Jap machine at the same price point.

You get good upgradeability and customer service as part of the deal.


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I would suggest that £900 for the DV88 is perhaps a shade on the high side, but that £999 for the DV88+ is a very fair price.


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Richer Sounds in Bristol had DV88 (not plus) for sale at £699.
Very good value considering that you can upgrade to plus spec at a later date if you so wish.


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I read this post with interest as i have just purchased a DV88 without the prog/scan for £499 brand new . I believe this is a bargain for what this player can do , not forgetting the upgradability options alah ... prog/scan and DVD A when it becomes availiable.

Don't tell everyone though ... B&B hifi (Bracknell):D :D :D

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