arcam dv88 not dvd+r compatible??



Please help if you have any advice! I have had this player for a year and a hlaf with no problems. Recently, however, I borrowed a Philips DVDR985 DVD+R recorder and the discs do not seem to want to play consistently. Basically, the picture freezes, anywhere from a split second to completely locking the player up. It does not freeze in the same places either, and to make things even more puzzling, the discs that I used the 2 hour "SP" mode seem to have more problems than those in the "LP" 3 hour mode, and it usually works ok for the first few minutes, then the middle of the disc is the worst, then again ok at the end...
I have the latest software/firmware upgrades now, (1.81 &LO14) and that seemed to make little to no difference.
Has anyone else had the same problem? Is there anything that I can try?


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Try a different brand of media or maybe try +RW discs. Also try burning at slowest speed possible.

I use ~£1 DVD-R(W) on my DV88+ and compatability is "good". I can't say it's the best I've seen, but much better than many players I could mention.



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The DV88 is not strictly DVD+R compatible though apparantly some success has been reported. You have one of the older types of drive loader (LO type) so it may be that the newer drives are more compatible.

John Dawson

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Hi Turpinator -

At the time this player was designed DVD+R was not available, so support is not guaranteed.

Later versions of the DVD drive support DVD+R much better and, if your experiments with different discs don't work out, then a drive upgrade to a later type LT type should fix this for you.

You can contact the US distributor about this at www.aslgroup.com if you wish. Though each local distributor makes its own policy on these matters, at Arcam in the UK we do not regard this as a warranty issue, so a new drive would be chargeable.

Hope this helps,

John Dawson (Arcam)
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