Arcam DV88 is Progressive upgrade worth it ?



I have had my DV88 for 4 years and I'm very pleased with its performance. I notice that most DVD players now come with progressive scan chips as standard. Am I missing out ? is it worth the upgrade ? how much will it cost ? has anyone had the upgrade done ?

I use the machine to run an LCD projector that will take higher resolutions


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I bought a Panasonic s49 DVD player with progressive scan, to play through my Hitachi LD7200. When I turn prog scan on through the DVD player, the picture is significantly worse than putting out a standard interlaced feed and letting the LCD screen do its work. I'm pretty disappointed with this but discovered a coupe of reallly good links which explain why. Basically, prog scan on your DVD player is a bit of a con if you've got a good TV because the deinterlacer in the TV is likely to be better than in the DVD player. Of course, it will no doubt depend on how much you want to spend but certainly from what I've seen, don't bother with a prog scan DVD player. Links are:

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I would hazard a guess that if similar quality equipment is obtained as that mentioned by the thread starter, the quality of the de-interlacer would not be an issue. Confirm 2 things: Does your projector take a progressive signal? If it does, get a home demo. Anyone selling quality kit like Arcam should be able to arrange this for you. Then let your own eyes be the judge.

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