Arcam DV88/DV88+ ???


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Dear all

I'm struggling at the moment. My Panasonic A160 is about dead so I need to replace it soon. I've had my eye on Arcam DV88 for a while but have been putting it off, waiting for DVD-A capability.

I've got a Loewe Acconda TV, so as far as I know the Prog Scan of the DVD88+ will be useless (is this the case?). But I am as I say interested in DVD-A.

A few questions about this, will DV88 be upgradable to DVD-A - I spoke to an Arcam guy at Stuff last month who recommended I went for the DV88+ now rather than DV88. I don't really need the prog scan - so do I really need to - has anything else changed inside?

Also just realised that the DV88+ is selling for £1300 as apposed to DV88 at £999. Add to this an additional £200 for DVD-A upgrade from DV88+, this takes the plus to very close to the FMJ DV27 at £1500.

Also the guy at Stuff said £200 for upgrade from DV88+ to DVD-A, will this be the same for the DV88.

Or finally should I just wait and see what the DV89 will bring?

Thanks a lot


The DV88+ isn't going for £1300. The list price is only £999


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AFAIK the DV89 will be the DV88 with the prog scan board and the dvd-a boards as standard ... not sure what else will be changed ...


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That's what I'd originally thought, but went to my local Arcam dealer in Colchester on Saturday and he said it was £1299. Plus just had a quick look on the web and everyone seemed to be selling them for £1299

If it is £999 then thats pretty much solved my dilemma



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The Arcam DV88+ is definitely £999.
I got mine on Saturday and I’m very pleased with it:)



Yep I've had mine for a couple of weeks now def £999



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sure you are not thinking of the dv88p , the dv88 with progressive board ???

the 88+ is £999, seems like a genuine upgrade, I would get the + at this stage, or if you get the DV88 look for a used one, they can be picked up from £450-£600 odd depending where you look, the for sale board on here is a good place to start.


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There is a way to get progressive on the Aconda but it either involves getting a player from China, a PC or component->VGA transcoder and a player that does some scaling - and you need the VGA card

1. Get the VGA card fitted and the TV can accept 480p signals (NTSC Prog Scan) using that (also can accept 576p - PAL prog scan if you have a Q2500 chassis) - the problem is that the zoom functions don't work so 4:3 and nonanamorphic stuff gets stretched or anamorphic doesn't get stretched automatically - you can stretch it manually though

2. The Xindak player - go to the DVD forum on and search on xindak - there's a thread about it - it has a VGA port, can convert PAL to NTSC and has some scaling features so meets those needs - is tricky to get and has some drawbacks

3. Use a PC with a TV in card to scale and deinterlace the svid output of your current player then output it to the TV - costly and a pain to set up - it's what I'm going to try. It can prog scan all your devices though (consoles, tivo, STB) - or use the PC as a DVD player with a DVD-ROM drive

4. Get a component->VGA transcoder and get a player with PS components and some scaling facilities (I think some Malatas do this) and do it that way


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Who is selling the DV88+ for £999? All the ads I've seen say £1300! A bit of a price hike. And if it is supposed to be £999, how the hell are they getting away with it?

Or have I got the wrong end of the stick here? The + is the model with PAL and NTSC prog scan? Yes or no?


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Got my 88+ from audio t and it was on 899 (maybe cos I got the black one - who knows?).

Anyway 1300 seems like a bit much!

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