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Hi all,

Just about to have the prog scan board fitted to my DV88 and had the thought -

What, if any, are the major differences between the DV88 (with prog scan board fitted) and the DV27?

Apart from exterior and price?

I had the pleasure of trying the DV27 with my projector and using the progressive scan as opposed to the in-built Faroudja of the projector and the picture was stunning, much better in fact

So the reason for the question is because I'm hoping to gain similar results to the demoed DV27

:) Here's hoping anyway...



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I think (?) that the DV27 has better DACs for PCM stream decoding (CDs and DVD PCM tracks).

That and the superior casing are about the sum of differences.

Oh, and older DV88s like mine :( may have the older LO revision of the drive with its issues with copy protected non-CDs whereas all DV27s (?) have the newer LT revision.



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Thank for the responses,

I did take a look at envytech where the superior DAC's were mentioned along with a list of other things I didn't understand :blush:

All the best


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I beleive the DAC's in the current models are identical, as are most of the internal gubbins. The biggest diferences are that the DV27 has far better mechanical grounding, being that it has a better case, and it is also has dual power supplies, one I think feeds the audio stages, whereas the DV88 has only the one.


Better case, extra power supply, better components, much better sound and image...

I upgraded from the DV88, still not using PS, and everything improved a lot...


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Thanks for taking the time to reply,

Should get my DV88 back next week with PS board fitted so I'll just have to wait and see....


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