Arcam DV27A or 93?

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Want to upgrade my CD since it's getting a bit old. I was considering Arcam CD93 for £400 (nice price I guess) but since I know I need to upgrade my DVD as soon as I get a plasma or LCD, I found a DV27 for £700 which basically is what I guess I would end up paying for the CD above and one DVD anyway. So question is how good is a DV27 at CD? Guess the picture is as good as it gets not knowing anything about DVDs, havent really looked into this productline yet (thought our 4-5 year old DVD player was well up to it, until I hooked up a 2 year old $150 Sony DVD to a plasma.) Please give me some advise since I can't audiotion any of the above before buying which I know I should, but unfortunately it's not an option. And since they are used I'm sort of short of time as well....


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I would really suggest posting this in the Arcam forum; this sort of question is discussed all the time.

BTW the DV27 still has a fantastic picture on DVD; I compared it with a decent £150 alternative and was shocked at how good it still is. It sounds excellent for CD but I haven't compared it to dedicated CD players.

And do you need DVD-audio? If not the DV27 is cheaper than the 27A

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Didn't even know one existed. Sorry. I'll ask over there as well.

edit: And all I needed to do was to scroll down... allways stoped at the LCD/Plasma parts of this forum :-O Have a lot to explore! ;-)
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