ARCAM DV139 Remote functionality had just packed up!


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Hi, can anyone shed some light on this? I have had the player for about 5 weeks now and when it’s working properly it’s great! I have had loads of HDMI moody moments but this morning I switched it on and the remote control just does not work. I use a Harmony 895 remote which has been fine and it’s sending out the signals as the rest of my kit is working OK so I also tried the Arcam remote, still nothing! Having just had a back operating followed by a blood clot in my left lung watching DVD’s is a high priority for me at the moment! Other than getting back to the shops with it, which I won’t be able to do for about 4 weeks due to the above does anyone out there, have any ideas that I can try?


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Hi noodlestick,

I've had my DV139 for about 7 months now, and I've had this happen once just last week... I tried switching off/on the unit from the front button and still couldn't get the remote to work. However after unplugging the power completely and reconnecting after a minute or so, it was once again responding to the remote and has been fine since.

Give that a try and hopefully you'll find this is an infrequent 'quirk'.



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I'm sure you've probably both checked this, but the CR100 remote is a universal one, so have you made sure it hasn't got switched to another device, just under the numerical keypad. Try pressing DVD again.


ps. hope you recover soon noodlestick :)


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Echo Timbos post - I get a lot of calls where it was a case of not pressing the DVD button (or funnier still not "beaming" the commands into a learning remote with the DVD button selected so that all the commands were effectively useless!).

Also though, see if it might be a case that the plasma is interfering. They can send out random IR floods which either block remotes from working, or even set off randomg commands of their own!!

I've never had a problem with mine, but I use a Pronto with extender which goes directly into the mini-jack in the rear of the unit.

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