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Er.. if you are using RGB then set it to Zero (regardless of PAL/NTSC), if using another connection and NTSC DVD's then set it on.

Funny enough I was reading this in the manual the other night!



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As I remember if you are using Multiregion mode 13 IRE will be auto switched for viewing for PAL/R2 or NTSC/R1...

...I think...;)
I think so ... follow the second option.. but to be quite honest just set it to which ever gives u the best picture in your eyes..


John Dawson

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Always set to 0 unless you have an American TV. The 7.5IRE is the NTSC composite video standard and alters the settings in the video DAC to add the 7.5 IRE pedestal to output composite video correctly to those US sets that expect this.

In any case use Video Essentials or Avia to calibrate your set :)


John Dawson (Arcam)


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Correct me if I am wrong, but does this mean if I use an NTSC disc on either my projector or Philips tv (which is for the British market,but accepts a NTSC signal), that I should use O IRE for both?
Please confirm.


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Use 0 IRE all the time. Calibrate your projector to ensure correct black level (Brightness) and peak white (Contrast) levels. That's it :)

John Dawson (Arcam)
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