Arcam DiVA DV88 problem


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I don't know if you can shed any light on this.

The CD performance of the Arcam DV88 is out of this world but I am having problems getting it to play DVDs. I have some concert DVDs which play fine, and children's DVD for some reason seem to play too (well Ice Age 2 did). But when I put anything else in you can just hear the drive searching and then a no disc message comes up. These disks work fine in my Phillips player. Any ideas?

Worried the drive might be on its way out which would be a shame as I only bought it from these forums at the weekend.

I thought it might be a region problem at first and have found out how to change the region or set to region free but unfortunately didn't work.

Does anybody have any advice on what I should do?:lease:


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Hi Wayne, it's really bizarre that it plays some but not others?? This indicates that physically it can actually play and process.

Is it possible to do a firmware update?


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Yes I'll have a look into that.

The fact that it plays some is why I have assumed it is not actually broken. It played my Lord of the Rings DVD yesterday which played really well and the picture was very good.

The audio quality is amazing (I know I keep saying it).


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i have one, awesome but now out speced by £20 players and i paid a grand for mine :rotfl:

firmware updates are available, when u turn the dvd player the firmware version is displayed in top right


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I have one that started doing this about 2 years ago and never got to the bottom of it. I now just use it as a CD player in the spare room (and as you say it does good job of this). As Tfish says, a good DVD player is cheap now so i didnt really try hard to fix it. Not much help i know but its interesting to see someone els had the same issue.


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It seems to have started playing most DVDs again now. Just seems really temperamental. I hardly play DVDs now anyway and will be looking for a blu-ray player soon so I'm not too bothered. More bothered about the amp I got with it now (Arcam AVR200) which has started to play no sound through the right channels and the only way to get it started is to tap the top of the amp.
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