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Seems a little bit underpowered per channel, only 80w max? :thumbsdow

Saw this on hotukdeals, seems ok for the money I suppose.

Doesn't appear to do true hd either.

Note that I have bias here. At £400 it will sonically trash and stomp all over a budget end amp, bear in mind this was a £1200 amp originally. In terms of sound quality its rival Jap amps were at the top end of their respective ranges. It is cheap currently because it does not allow HD audio via HDMI. It will do HD Audio but you have to use the analogue multichannel outs on a BlueRay player to the Arcams analogue multi channel ins; so something like a PanaBD50/55 would be needed to get HD audio.

If I as starting from scratch I'd buy it and spread the spare cash out over the blueray player and better speakers. If you already have a PS3 and want to use it for HD audio then you want to buy a Yamaha 3800 or Onkyo 805/905 soemthing of that ilk (the new ones are a bit too pricey for the upgrade they offer over the old models)
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stonking for the cash - but if it was me I;d consider the AVR350 for 200 notes more

when I demoed both the AVR350 had quite a bit more grunt

note also if the back of the AVR280 is to be believed - only speakers of impedance of 8ohms or greater are recommended :(

4ohms is fine with the AVR350


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I bought one of these for £650 not long ago!

For £400, that is a cracking amp at the price, sonically it's brilliant.


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This amp is cracking quality and insanely low price. I own the AVR250 and this is even better.

The lack of processing of HDMI audio/internal decoding of the HD audio formats etc will not bother me at the end of the month - I'm probably going to buy one and consign the AVR250 to the bedroom:devil:


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