Arcam Diva 88 Plus and NTSC& progressive output


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Plese help someone

I currently have a 88 Plus on a home demo until Monday morning.

It is currently working fine on both interlaced and progressive mode on PAL (Region 2).

However, after setting the system to be multiregion (on Auto Mode), the player works fine on region 1 discs whilst on interlaced mode.

However, as soon as I enable Progressive scan ( either on auto or 525 lines), the picture becomes minute, and green!

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to over come this? I have had a quick search on this forum, together with reading the 88 Plus FAQ, but as yet not found a solution.

Any help would be most welcome.

So far, there appears to be a slight improvemtn in both sound and general picture, but well, will have to wait and see if it is worth the ~£1000 or so!



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My only thought on this - and apologies if I've misunderstood you - is to set the machine specifically to Region 1 in the service menu rather than using the auto setting.

"The service mode allows you to choose region and perform a diagnostic self-test. It should be warned however that the "Auto" region setting that can be made from this menu does not appear to function correctly. The sequence is stop, setup, 4, 7, 9, 2"

This is a quote from the unofficial FAQ - worth a try anyhow?!



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Hi Mark,

Thanks for the quick response.

However, I solved the problem :D

I had to set the 88 to progressive scan, and then enter the plasma screen menu and alter the input from VGA to video source!

Not entirely clear from the plasam manual, but some detective work based on RTFM and 'playing' seems to have solved it.


Matt Horne

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I gotta ask as I only have a 28" tv... whats the prog scan picture like on your plasma?




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Arcam DIVA 88 Plus:

Over all the picture is very good with out Progressive scan.

With Prgressive scan, there, is indeed improvement, but not significantly, certainly not a £1,000 or so!

The biggest improvement however is sound, the THX trailers on soem DVD's together with the DD and DTS trailers sound superb, sharper, more open. Again, though Im not convinced it it is worth £1000 or so, esp at the momnetafter Christmas etc.

Yes, if my 717 was to go bang tonight,I would probably replace it with the arcam, but I am not sure if I can justify ( or afford) the 88 plus at the moment

It is a dilemma I must admit though.

But I suspect that I will wait for the PAL Progressive scan market to develop, wait for the Denon 3800 to become bug free, and I shall arrange soem demonstrations later on in the summer, with any other players that come onto the market

I would love a demonstration of the Philips, to see if that has the same sort of improvemtn in picture quality as the arcam, but a fraction of the cost.


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