Arcam,Denon or Marantz via component?



I am looking for a new/used dvd player to go with my system.
It will feed a sim2ht200dm via component(can't afford to replace).
So what would be best for me?

Denon 2900 for around £280?

Arcam78/79/29 £650>£950>£900(s/hand)??

Marantz 7600 £550(new)????

What you reckon?

Phil :thumbsup:


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If your using a component output I'd look at the Arcam DV27(A) with the Vaddis 5 and Silicon Images de-interlacer. Over component this should be better than the other Arcams mentioned and as no longer produced you should be able to pick one up with a decent amount of the 5 year warranty left for a sensible amount of dosh.


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I've seen a few ex-dem ones for just under 1k, so I guess it's not so bad, though obviously depends on condition etc.


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Sorry, busy weekend!

£900 seems a decent price, and the DV29 through HDMI does impress, however IMHO the DV27A is superior doing progressive via component.

I guess a lot depends on future plans, the DV27A will probably be best with your current projector, but if you plan to get one with HDMI, or use a standalone scaler then the DV29 might be the better bet in the long run.

Have fun deciding!

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