Arcam DAVE Sub Output Question


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Considering I've had my Arcam system for over five years this may seem like a weird question :)

The sub output on the DAVE module has settings for both sub AV volume and sub Stereo volume. Can someone clarify that this means that sub information is sent to my REL sub for both stereo sound and movie surround sound via the lo-level phono connector?

If this is the case then I can stop using the hi-level Nutrik connector as it causes a loud humming noise when the arcam system is switched off and just use the lo-level phono connector for everything.


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From memory the Sub Output works as follows:

In Dolby Digital and DTS the Surround Level is used and the LFE is sent to the sub output (If Small speakers are configured then the re-directed bass is sent to the sub output also.)

In Stereo a full range signal is sent to the sub output based on the Level set in the Stereo Output setting.

In conclusion you need to set your REL sub with the filter switched out for Surround listening and you then need to switch the filter in for stereo listening.

I have a REL Q201e and used the low level output for surround and the high level for stereo. I did not have any problems with hum. You may need to check that you have the common wire connected correctly.

Hope this helps.

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