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I just wanted to post on here an official thankyou to John Dawson and Matt Frost of Arcam for working so hard to fix the couple of minor problems I had with my DV-88 Plus.

I posted on here a little while back, after getting my DV-88 Plus, with a couple of gripes with the picture. John Dawson got his techies to look into it in conjunction with a Panny AE100 kindly loaned by Sykes from the boards here. Eventually it was found to be a problem with a small number of early players (if you are having similar problems then speak to Arcam tech support). I only got round to phoning Arcam tech support last Thursday and I now have a new picture perfect player.

I just think it's great that John took this so seriously and never tried to fob me off. Can you imagine Sony, Toshiba or others working so hard with a customer to get to the bottom of a problem? Hell can you imagine them even acknowledging the possibility there was a problem?!

So in summary there may be cheaper players about, but even if they performed as well (and they dont!:)) I wouldn't swap 'em for my Arcam. All bits of kit can develop problems, the only difference between manufacturers is what happens then and I don't think you could ask for more than Arcam. :)

Thanks again John and Matt, you guys rock.


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you can't the beat british hifi industry for good service can you?
having owned a dv88 in the past i can highly recommend Arcam for great backup and its nice to know that they are on the ball, shold things go wrong. its rare to see threads like this, more people complain when things go wrong, which is fair, but you never hear from them when its sorted. anyway, best get back to work and swithc the mobile back on to answer calls:devil:


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I totally agree with your views on Arcam's Customer Support.
I cannot praise them enough as far as I am concerned and I think many other people will agree that their service is legendary. It was a major factor in deciding to purchase my DV88+.

Sure, there are other very good alternative players out there, but coupled with the fantastic picture and sound quality, and knowing that if a problem did occur that it would be swiftly dealt with, it's a winning combination in my opinion.


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Agree with everything said thus far. Arcam customer service, and in particular, John Dawson's contribution and willingness to help via these forums is truly 1st class.
Ditto all the above... excellent service.. top product and very happy with my upgraded DV88 (to + spec).

Thanks Guys



Stop gushing you lot, I'm about to spend the best part of £7k on Arcam kit and am desperately trying to find an excuse to stop myself.

Somebody pleeeez tie me down.



paiger - Join ussssssssss! Muahahahaha. You know you want to. :devil:


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Question: Why do most people here always contact Arcam directly instead of their dealer? Isn't the dealer supposed to fix problems with equipment?

I'm asking because my CD72 came with a dodgy remote...
Why argue the point with the dealers when u can speak directly to the manufacturer.. at least they will understand your problem in depth.. if the machine has to be returned then I will do it through the dealer while its under warranty...



I contacted Arcam support at John Dawson's suggestion and it certainly proved the way to go - saved a lot of time and argueing the point. I got a straight "Yup that is a known problem with a small number of our machines lets swap it for one from a newer batch" rather than the dealer trying to find a solution on their own. The dealer would for example possibly get me to swap it for one from his stock which could've been the same batch.


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apart from finding the dosh, and subject to a review, I think I will have to investigate the DV88 plus.

Those who have it, how many of you have noted the 'chroma' bug?

Personally I think the Chroma bug issue is overated and overstated. Now I only have a 28" widescreen Tv so I doubt it would ever bother me...maybe if I had a projector and a huge screen it would be different...

At the end of the Day I want to watch movies .. not worry about the red colour smearing a bit when I freeze the piccie.. the picture on the Arcam is gorgeous.. and sounds the biz as well...


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